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The Alexander Forbes Thought Leadership Platform is a research tool created by the Alexander Forbes Research Institute. It provides an unbiased, collaborative framework for addressing the core socio-economic challenges that face both South Africa as a country and Africa as a continent. 

By necessity, our work in the Alexander Forbes Research Institute straddles the worlds of policymakers, think tanks and academics, employers and unions, boards of trustees and management committee members, product providers, and of course, the individuals whose interests this serves. That means we recognise the importance of exploring issues from both a top-down and a bottom-up perspective. 

  • We start with an understanding of what individuals want and need to secure a minimum viable life for themselves and their families. 
  • We ask the same question of the workplace, of the broader society and the economy that form the rest of their ecosystem.
  • Then we ask hard questions as to whether the solutions and services on offer are effectively meeting those needs. If not, then what could be done to get better results?   
  • We recognise that effective system change demands that we solve for the whole and not just the parts. We need to understand the linkages and overlaps in the systems we examine.

To that end, the Thought Leadership Platform provides a narrative map of the issues, insights, and potential solutions or initiatives that could be considered for every theme or topic that we address.  Our end goal is to equip the reader with enough common context to allow them to engage with further discussions with other stakeholders and potential collaborators to create ever richer and more robust solutions.

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