Alexander Forbes
Research Institute

The Alexander Forbes Research Institute occupies a unique space in the financial services industry. Through its themes, topics and publications, including Benefits Barometer, it plays a critical role in establishing Alexander Forbes as a thought leader. It gives serious thought to:

  • the needs of South African and Africans in general, and
  • what the financial services industry can do to address those needs.

Each year the Alexander Forbes Research Institute raises important questions about changes in the lives of our clients and in society that will affect their quality of life. At Alexander Forbes, these insights inform our strategic thinking on our advice framework, our product development and our service offering.

Our Hot Topics conferences, our client workshops, our internal training forums and our voice in the media or at external conferences all borrow heavily from the issues and debates in our publications. By setting out the key debates behind our thinking, our topics pave the way for both client and consultant buy-in to these concepts.

By necessity, our work in the Alexander Forbes Research Institute straddles the worlds of policymakers, think tanks and academics, employers and unions, boards of trustees and management committee members, product providers, and of course, the individuals whose interests this serves. To that end, our articles reflects some collaboration with external entities, both in idea generation across Issues, Insights, Initiatives and data collection.

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